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Linhof Technika lensboard for HR Digaron Macro 105 mm Float
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The Linhof 1028 Technika lensboard is a dedicated mount for Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm Float. This new lens from Rodenstock has a V groove mount and is an aperture only lens that requires a digital back or camera with a built in electronic shutter.
Via this lensboard the 105mm Macro can be attached to the Linhof Techno, Technikas and Technikardan cameras. Via the Linhof Kardan Lensboard adapter it can also be used on all Kardan cameras.
The Linhof Techno accepts all MF digital backs as well as the Linhof digital adapters for system cameras from Canon (001709), Fuji (001706), Hasselblad (001707), Nikon (001710) and Sony (001708).
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Linhof Technika lensboard for HR Digaron Macro 105 mm Float