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XH Converter 0.8 | Hasselblad
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The Hasselblad XH Converter 0.8, used on HC/HCD lenses attached to an X System or 907X camera, reduces the focal length of the lens by a factor of 0,8x, which delivers a wider field of view and improves the maximum aperture of the lens by two-thirds of a stop.
Additionally, the XH Converter 0.8 improves lens performance in terms of contrast and apparent sharpness across the entire frame. The addition of the XH Converter 0.8 to the existing accessories line-up now provides these systems with enhanced functionality for H Lenses.
In addition, H System users who decide to branch into the X or 907x systems gain more versatility from their current HC/HCD Lens options.
Product Code:
XH Converter 0.8 | Hasselblad

Additional Information:

An impressive combination for maximizing aperture is achieved when attaching the XH Converter 0.8 to the HC f/2,2 100mm lens, transforming the aperture and focal length to f/1.8 and 80mm, respectively. This creates an extremely large aperture that proves even faster than the XCD f/1.9 80mm lens, which until now has been the highest aperture lens option for X and 907X camera systems. An example of reducing focal length with the XH Converter 0.8 is when combined with the HCD f/4.8 24mm lens, it creates an aperture of f/3.8 with a 19mm focal length. This results in an even wider lens option than the existing XCD 21 lens, the widest lens in the X System. 

The XH Converter 0.8 joins a range of Hasselblad adapters and converters, including the XH Lens Adapter which allows the usage of all 12 H System lenses as they are on X and 907X camera systems.  

In the Box:

  • XH Converter 0.8
  • Front Lens cap
  • Rear Lens Cap

Please Note:

All H System lenses with firmware 18.0.0 or later must be updated to the newest version 19.1.0 to work with the XH Converter 0.8 and to get auto focus (HC 120 and HC 120 II can only be used in manual focus mode). Other H System lenses (except HC 120 and HC 120 II) with firmware older than 18.0.0 will work but only in manual focus mode. Please note that only HC/HCD lenses with firmware 18.0.0 or later can be updated to 19.1.0. Lenses with older firmware have older hardware and therefore cannot be updated. Additionally, the X1D-50c must be updated with firmware 1.25.0 or later and the X1D II 50C, 907X 50C and 907X Special Edition cameras must all be updated with firmware 1.4.0 or later.