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WRS-M645 Adapter for Mamiya 645 Lenses | Cambo
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This Cambo WRS-M645 lensplate allows you to mount lenses from the Mamiya-645 series, in combination with the WRS series camera. This combination will work with those digital backs that have a built-in ES-shutter (sensor activated electronic shutter), which work as shutterless digital back, such as the PhaseOne IQ3-100 and the IQ-4 series.
The aperture of the lenses can be set manually, the shutter (if applicable) needs to stay open.
Product Code:
WRS-M645 Adapter for Mamiya 645 Lenses | Cambo

More Information:

The use of Mamiya 645 lenses from the ProTL system allows for a manual aperture setting.

The use of the later lenses of the DF and XF system is mechanically possible, but there is no communication between the lens and the camera body. This means that electronically set apertures can NOT be controlled. The current adapter is compatible with XF Blue Ring lenses , however , there’s no aperture adjustment possible. So it has to be preset on a Phase One camera body.


The WRS-M645 accepts all lenses that fit to the Mamiya 645 ProTL series.

The WRS-M645 accepts lenses that fit to the PhaseOne DF and XF series but without aperture control.


Note: this option does NOT work with digital backs that require a lens with a shutter in order to synchronise the back to be triggered with the lens.The leaf shutter inside the blue-ring lenses can not be operated with this adapter.

The practical use of lenses may be limited to those that have enough image circle coverage for the used digital back when using shifts.

 This product is compatible with the PhaseOne XT system / No data transfer


Total height: 108mm

Width: 85mm

Depth: 61mm

Weight: 250g