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Bergger PMK Pyro Film Developer
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The PMK was developed by Gordon Hutchings, in order to create a universal developer.
PMK is a modern formula using the pyrogallol developer. Tonal graduation is extended and the grain is less pronounced. Clouds and mist will stand out
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Bergger PMK Pyro Film Developer

The PMK formula was developped by Gordon Hutchings, in order to create a universal developer, adapted to a wide variety of modern films, and to a wide range of shooting conditions.

This developer is made in Germany, exclusively for BERGGER. 

The PMK formula allows to achieve the following characteristics :

  • sharpness of contours
  • yellow staining of the negative. Staining intensity depends on the reduced silver quantity
  • very low fog
  • stability of the stock solutions
  • Process repeatability

An alkalin fixer, like BERGGER Berfix, is required to obtain the best negative stain, and the best stability in time.

PMK is delivered as two solutions that have a very long shelf life, if they are not mixed.

In standard dilution (1+2+100), the PMK kit allows the photographer to prepare 25 L of working solution.