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ALPA 12 FPS - The Matchless
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The ALPA 12 FPS (Focal Plane Shutter) offers an integrated and electronically controlled focal plane shutter, runs with extremely low vibrations and has a fastest exposure time of 1/4000 sec.
It is also possible to use mechanical and electronic leaf shutters, installed in the lens, for particularly short flash synchronization speed. This opens up a whole range of lenses, from the brand new to the tried and tested.
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ALPA 12 FPS - The Matchless



Dimensions, body alone: W: 205 mm, H: 115 mm, D: 35 mm

Weight, body alone: from approx. 750 g (depending on attachments)

Weight, ready for use: from approx. 1800 g (depending on attachments)

Movements: integrated: none or depending on third party lens, adapter or with a shiftable ALPA 12 body and ALPA lenses; with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube Hand grips: right and/or left, available as an accessory

Viewfinder: holder for the Apple iPhone as an electronic viewfinder in combination with the ALPA “eFinder app”; optical ALPA viewfinder with a 120° angle of view; screen; separate laptop and display; various third-party optical viewfinders with fixed focal lengths or with zoom