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ALPA Digital Back Adapter HXD
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ALPA HXD Adapter for Hasselblad X type cameras, allows a Hasselblad X body to be connected to ALPA lenses or camera bodies; depending on the adapter/camera combination, SB17 and SB34 lenses can be used in full; longer focal length SB34 lenses also allow multiple stitching on corresponding cameras Width 98mm x Height 98mm x Length 16mm Weight 69g
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ALPA Digital Back Adapter HXD

 To use Alpa SB17 and SB34 lenses on the 907X or X1D

The Combination requirements are:

Alpa SB17 lens – code 180888011 FPS 11mm Spacer ( or an Alpa TC body)  – Alpa HXD adapter – Hasselblad X1D Body or 907X.


Whilst ALL Alpa bodies are 11mm  – if using any Alpa body other than the TC as a spacer – the Grip of the X1D body means it has to sit with a spacer and  it is this that means infinity cannot be reached. 


For SB34 lenses you need 28mm of spacers instead of 11mm as above. In this case you could use ANY Alpa body ( 11mm) Plus 17mm of spacer on the rear of the Alpa body (like the 17mm tilt shift adapter)

In this case , with the spacer on the rear – the grip of the X1D body is not a problem.