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ALPA Back-Adapter XF / MA645 Mk V
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The NEW ALPA backadapter XF / MA645 Mk V haas been designed to compensate for the occasional mechanical differences between individual back generations. This adapter allows the lower adapter hinge/bracket to be shimmed.
In addition The Mk V version of the digital back adapter for XF (IQ3 and IQ4) comes with mini-shims that allow individual adjustment to each back.
Product Code:
ALPA Back-Adapter XF / MA645 Mk V

More information:


It fits Phase One IQ3 / IQ4 with the XF with the Mamiya 645 AFD interface, and in addition to the lower hinge adjustment is supplied with the usual adjustable shim kit, max. +/- 3/10 mm in steps down to 1/100 mm. For digital backs only.


Shimmable lower back hinge/bracket for a perfect fit
Improved inner reflex coating
Unified version for IQ3 & IQ4 digital backs from Phase One