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Silvestri Flexicam | Camera | linhof studio


The Silvestri Flexicam camera is Silvestri's entry level digital platform. It is an extremely compact, affordable and light technical camera, suitable for both outdoor and studio photography. Its characteristic compactness and extreme versatility will make it the best choice for architectural and travel photographers. Keep up to date with Silvestri news on our knowledgebank.
Silvestri Flexicam System

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Further Information
The Silvestri Flexicam is the ideal platform for digital backs to give you more versatility.

Weighing only 1 kilo ( 1.5kg with the sliding back) and measuring only 180mm x 188mm x 162mm this is a perfect solution for location digital photography with movements.

In essence , this is a tiny monorail. It accepts Silvestri circular bayonet panels and lenses in mechanical copal or El shutters and can be mounted directly onto these without the need for a helical focusing mount.

The rear standard has 23mm of rise and 23mm of fall. This is the only movement on the rear standard therefore keeping good rigidity for digital requirements.

The front standard offers:

15 + 15 degrees of tilt with micrometric adjustments

15 + 15 degrees swing with micrometric adjustments

15mm + 15mm of side shift .

It has 90mm of extension and the correct panel for a given focal length lens can offer further extension if needed.

Made in high quality Anodized Aluminium
Dimensions H. 180mm - L. 188mm - D. 162mm
Focusing By mean of the auto-locking micrometric rail

Silvestri Flexicam
Silvestri Flexicam camera Complete with Direct Adapter for live Focus only. Available V,H,AFD or Contax fit.
Silvestri Flexicam Kit
Silvestri Flexicam camera body with Sliding Back, available in V,H,AFD or Contax fit. The sliding back for the Flexicam is a fixed adapter fitting. Therefore rotation of the Digital Back is not possible via the Sliding Back.
-NEW- Silvestri Flexicam Sony A7 Adapter.
The FLEXICAM system introduces a bayonet adapter for Sony Alpha 7 which interfaces the camera body and with a remarkable range of high quality lenses, the professional Schneider and Rodenstock lenses specifically designed for digital photography with focal lengths between 23 and over 100mm.
The Sony Alpha 7 camera body acts like a digital back while the Flexicam body offers all the correction movements, vertical and horizontal shift, tilt and swing, in a light and compact solution easy to carry and to assemble.
Related Products
Flexicam Related Items
Lens Boards and ext. Rings
Lensboards for Flexicam Short
For 1.5 / 2.5/ 3.5mm
Depending on the focal length lens Silvestri Circular Bayonet Lens boards will have a different forward tube to allow the most ease of use and focus for the Flexicam.
Lensboards for Flexicam Medium
For depths of 7.6/ 10/ 17mm.
Lensboards for Flexicam Large
For 25.5/ 35/ 39mm.
Bayonet Ring extension 15mm
Extends the bellows range by 15mm. They are used to get closer to the subject when the extension of the Flexicam or the Flexi Bellows are not sufficient.

Bayonet Ring extension 30mm
Extend the bellows range by 30mm. The extension rings have a female bayonet on one side and a male bayonet on the other one.

They can also be used on the T30 camera with the Back focusing bellows code 5000
Focus Accessories
Easy Bellows
for Flexicam Ground Glass on Sliding Back with 4x detachable magnifier
4x detachable magnifier
Reflex Viewer
for Flexicam Sliding Adapter
Reflex Viewer - for late sliding backs
Flexicam only
T2 Adapters for DSLR
T2 Attachment for Canon
Flexicam can be accessorised with specific adapters for the mounting of Canon EOS and Nikon cameras.
Flexicam transforms the DSLR into a small view camera that can perform perspective corrections and focus extension, essential movements in the work of still life, jewels, watches, industrial photography..

T2 Attachment for Nikon
Compatible lenses, mounted in Silvestri bayonet:.
Schneider Digitar 2,8/28mm ( has 68mm flange focal distance), Digitar 4,5/90mm e 5,6/100mm..
Rodenstock Digital 5,6/90mm, 4/100mm HR e 5,6/105mm. .
Both APS and “full frame” 24x36 cameras can be used. The image circle is very large and it ensures the possibility of wide correction movements..
Hasselblad Actuator
Hasselblad C Lens Actuator
The Silvestri Actuator adapts Hasselblad lenses from the V series to Silvestri cameras for digital use. It performs the cocking and triggering functions normally executed inside the Hasselblad body.
1150 / 2
Special Order Versions.
Future versions of Actuator, on special adapter boards, will link these same lenses to Linhof, Sinar and other popular view cameras.
This represents a remarkable step forward for many professional photographers. The generous image circles of Hasselblad lenses (75mm or more for many focal lengths) make them attractive for use with digital backs. Full corrective movements (shift, tilt, swing) are now available for those lenses.
Camera Parts Separated
Flexicam Camera Body Only
Flexicam Direct Adapter Only
for Live Focus V,H,AFD or Contax fit.
Flexicam Sliding Back only
for Flexicam V,H, AFD , Contax