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Silvestri BiCam | Cameras | linhof studio


Silvestri cameras are known for their combination of corrective movements with medium format portability.  Now, in the film-plus-digital age, the Silvestri Bicam camera continues to satisfy your camera needs with ingenious solutions.


3 Cameras in One - the BiCam is even more than its name. A Wide Angle Helicoid Pancake Solution with stitching ability for digital. A Studio Solution with in body Focus and Swing/Tilt for Digital & Film. A Roll Film Camera Solution. Keep up to date on Silvestri news on our knowledgebank.


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Further Information

BiCam: The Pancake Solution
For wide angle solution choose the simple 0.8kg body and add your lens in Helical mount.
Your existing lenses ( subject to compatibility can be matched to the body )
On the rear – add a Direct adapter for live focus – a sliding back for stitching ability or a film back for a more traditional approach.
When Silvestri mount your lens in the Helical mount it is matched to the serial number of the camera body and the serial number of the sliding back. These measurements are kept making further lens purchases in the future a simple case of supplying your camera and back serial numbers.

BiCam: The Sohisticated Swing Tilt solution
Whilst quite long lenses can still be mounted in a Helical mount – often we want to have the ability for swing or tilt control on all but the widest lenses. This is particularily true with digital when we are not working with lenses with the luxury of f22 as their optimum working aperture.
By adding onto the BiCam the ‘front half’ of the Flexicam we now have a camera body with its own focusing system negating the need for Helical mount lenses where not required and also providing cross swing and tilt on the front standard.

Truly two versatile cameras in one.

And now the Bi Cam III
Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body . Combined with the already in built 15+15 mm rise and fall of the Bi Cam you now have a truly flexible architectural tool.

Silvestri BiCam11 Camera body only
Silvestri Bicam II body only without back & lens board, with 15+15mm shift.
Silvestri BiCam11 Maxi Kit
Silvestri camera body complete Flexi Bellows Maxi.
Silvestri BiCam111 Camera body only
Silvestri Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body as well as having the 15+15mm of rise and fall of the BiCam II.

The ebony wood inserts in the camera body and the control knobs improved in the aesthetic and functionality complete the camera restyling. Most of the accessories of the previous Bicam series can be used on the new Bicam III camera.

Silvestri BiCam111 Maxi Kit
Camera body complete with Flex Bellows Maxi III.
Related Products
BiCam Related Products
Sliding & Direct Digital Adapters
Sliding Back with Stitching ability
with Silvestri Mount. (without Drop-in Plate)Adapter boards for Sinar 4x5, Cambo 4x5, Arca Swiss 4x5, Toyo 4x5, Linhof 4x5 available as well as sliding backs with Rollei XAct and Arca Swiss and P3 fitting. See Digital Adapter Section.
Drop in Plate V fit for above
Drop in Plate H fit for above
Drop in Plate AFD fit for above
Bellows Focusing hood
for D7023 Sliding Back Bi Cam
Rotating Reflex Viewer
for D7023 for Sliding Back BiCam
Live Video Adapters (not sliding) available with the following interfaces:
Adapter with Hasselblad V 6x6 Interface
Adapter with Hasselblad H1 Interface
Adapter with Contax 4.5x6 Interface
Adapter with Mamiya 645 AFD Interface
Lensboards & Lens Mounting
Factory Mounting of Lens in Helical Mount
Your existing lens will be mounted by Silvestri into the Helical mount and then onto the Silvestri Bayonet lensboard. It is also matched to the serial number of your Silvestri Body and Sliding Back.
Factory Mounting of New Lens
Take the lens price from our lens pages
for the lens to be supplied as above
BiCam Lensboard with bayonet Type R
Accepts the lens in Silvestri Bayonet Lens Mount attach to the BiCam. This item is not needed I the Flex Bellows is used.
BiCam Lensboard with bayonet Type E
For the 90 & 100 HR Digaron only.
BiCam Lensboard with bayonet Type F
For the Schneider 90mm Digitar only.
Lensboards for BiCam Short
For 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.5mm.
Depending on the focal length lens Silvestri Circular Bayonet Lens boards will have a different forward tube to allow the most ease of use and focus for the Flexicam.
Lensboards for BiCam Medium
For depths of 7.6/ 10/ 17mm.
Lensboards for BiCam Large
For 25.5/ 35/ 39mm.
Flexibellows upgrade for BiCam
Flex Bellows Maxi
The Flexi Bellows Maxi III mounts lenses with the Silvestri bayonet without the requirement of a helical focusing ring. The extension capability of the rail together with the advantage of the micrometric focusing extends the versatility of the Bicam 3 in still-life, industrial, architectural photography and in all the other fields where high quality performance is paramount. The Flexi Bellows Maxi III features the lens side shift movements and micrometric tilt and swing movements. Suitable for both Bicam II and Bicam III.
Flex Bellows Maxi III
As above but inserts in Ebony Wood for BiCam III
Extension Rings
BiCam Extension Ring 0
The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses to the correct distance form the film/ chip plane when using Helical mount lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise with the side shift movement.

Extension Ring 0(3,5mm)
The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the shiftable 15+15mm version, which are useful to combine the rise with side shift movement.Same rings as T30 H & H25
BiCam Extension Ring 1
Extension Ring N.1 (16.5mm).
BiCam Extension Ring 1
Extension Ring N.1 shiftable 15+15mm.
BiCam Extension Ring 2
Extension Ring n. 2 (23.5mm).
BiCam Extension Ring 2
Extension Ring N.2 shiftable 15+15mm.
BiCam for Analogue
BiCam Camera Body only
A compact wide angle camera which can be used with Apo Grandagon 4,5-35mm lenses or, continuing with the prestigious Schneider series; 5,6/47, 5,6/47XL etc..

The camera has incorporated 15+15mm high-low back shift. Silvestri system lenses can be mounted on the front, and also some of the other S4 accessories; except for bayonet mount standard lenses. The back accessories are the same as for the T30 and Mod H. Bicam is suitable for rapid use in limited spaces. The possibility of mounting the Flexibellow, allows the use of lenses without the helicoidal focusing system and to insert perspective corrections and focus extension. Bicam repeats traditional Silvestri concepts: modularity and flexibility.