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Lee Filters ProGlass IRND Filter for SW150 System

Linhof Studio ProGlass IRND Filters SW150

LEE Filters are proud to announce the launch of their new ProGlass IRND Filters. Two years in the making, the ProGlass range sets a whole new standard in high quality glass neutral-density filters.

Lee Filters SW150 Pro Glass IRND Filters

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Further Information
Manufactured from 2 mm thick glass, the new ProGlass filters are available in 0.6ND (two-stop), 0.9ND (three-stop), 1.2ND (four-stop), 1.8ND (six-stop), 3ND (10-stop) and 4.5 ND (15-stop) versions, covering photographers' every need, from subtle alterations, right up tp ultra-long exposures.
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 Pro Glass 2 Stop IRND 0.6 ND
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass 3 stop IRND 0.9 ND
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass 4 stop IRND 1.2 ND
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass 6 stop IRND 1.8 ND
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass 10 stop IRND 3.0 ND
-NEW- Lee Filters SW150 ProGlass 15 stop IRND 4.5 ND