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Essentials - Loupes

Silvestri Loupes are an excellent addition to any photographers collection. They are perfect for increasing magnification allowing the photographer to gain a further grasp on the image they are taking and therefore helping with improving composition. Perfect for use alongside a groundglass for high quality optical precision. Silvestri have a number of different magnifications, please see the options below.

Silvestri Loupes

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The Italian manufacturer Silvestri. offers high quality Lupes for various applications: photography, graphic arts, stamp collecting, electronics, calligraphy, hobbies, micromechanics, etc. High quality optical precision, with multi element construction and antireflex coating. All metal constructed body with helical focusing. Their optical correction is very close to that of a photographic lenses. To achieve these results, optical construction with three or four lenses in two groups have been used. Accessories include opaque and transparent skirt/ base, neck strap and protective pouch.

Silvestri 6x Loupe 26mm Field of View with Tilt Adapter.
This compact Loupe is supplied with the classic skirt and also an angle skirt to assist viewing to the corners.
In stock
Silvestri 4x Loupe 45mm Field of View
4 elements in 2 groups.
In Stock
Silvestri 8x Loupe 45mm Field of View
3 elements in 2 groups.
In stock
Silvestri 10x Loupe 35mm Field of View
4 elements in 2 groups
In Stock
The Linhof Studio Silvestri 12x Critical Focus Loupe
Made by Silvestri, with only a 1cm base to allow positioning into the corners of the frame. This loupe is designed for critical focus only and not for composition. It is the perfect partner when using the Linhof Bright Screen for digital.
When used with a 5x4 ground glass, it may show more grain of the screen than desired.
In stock
Silvestri 6x Loupe 35mm Field of View
4 elements in 2 groups
In stock