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Tripods - Linhof Tripods

A Linhof Tripod is the reliable companion of any outdoor photographer.
They offer a line of proven compact lightweight tripods for 35 mm, digital
cameras, medium format and view cameras. Please look at the product descriptions below for more specific details on each individual tripod.

Linhof Classic Twinshank Series Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
Linhof Twinshank Pro Tripod Expert
Extremely rigid, lightweight tripod for professional requirements. Load capacity 12kg weight: 3kg/ 6.5lb. 81/ 186cm, 2 sections, large leg mount collar and twin upper leg sections. Sliding reversible centerpost with dual-thread top plate.
Height with fully extended feet but without centre column height is 135cm.
Linhof Twinshank Pro Tripod P
81/ 186cm (32/73in), 2 sections. Specifications same as above but with pneumatically damped centrepost.
Height with fully extended feet but without centre column height is 135cm.
Linhof Tripod Case for Twinshank
Length 97cm.
Linhof Heavy Duty Tripods and Heads Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
Linhof Heavy Duty Pro Tripod
2 sections, 91/ 155cm. Robust twin-shank aluminium tubes with plastic covering. Stable oversized leg mount collar for vibration-free camera operation. Umbrella struts mean fixed positioning on smooth surfaces. Leg extension locked by eccentric clamps. Removable center tube and detachable struts allow variable leg spread. Incorporated spirit level. Tripod feet convertible from metal tips to rubber pads, suitable for all surfaces. Leg mount collar with 90 mm dia. clamp mount. Supplied with 90mm dia. flat top plate with 3/8" camera screw to fit leg mount collar.

Linhof Heavy Duty Pro Tripod “Vintage”
Oiled Ash Woof legs scale for repeat position. In transport position, the length is 91 cm, and 155 cm are extended achieved. New is the scale on the extendable tripod legs. The new tripod top plate 90 to 70 mm is available as an accessory (031477 or 032964) and completes the tripod.If more height is required, the „Vintage“ can be completed with the Large geared centrepost (003755).
Linhof Tripod Plate
Tripod top plate for the 3324
Available with 3/8 or 1/4 screws
Linhof Large Geared Centrepost for HD Pro Tripod
Accessory column with friction-adjust-able, self-braking rack-and-pinion elevator drive. 90mm dia. clamp mount. Height: 60cm, weight: 3680g.
Linhof Studio Stand II
80/ 150cm/ 31.5x49in.
Linhof Outrigger Arm for Studio Stand II