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Alpa Cameras - Camera Bodies

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ALPA cameras are precision tools, made by passionate and skilled craftmanship for a small group of connoisseurs. Much like musical instruments, cameras of this caliber require the practiced fingers and the eye of a master. Such photographers do not require automatic functions, or a constant stream of new models. ALPA cameras simply provide the same as all good tools and instruments- the best possible quality in deisgn, material and manufacture. In the hands of a master they can produce photographic results far above the mediocre. Please click the left image for the ALPA brochure. Keep up to date with ALPA product news on our knowledge bank..

ALPA Hand Grips for 12 TC, STC, Max XY, FPS Code excl. VAT Advice List  
-NEW- Hand Grip Set for ALPA 12 TC, STC, MAX, XY, FPS
Hand Grip Set for ALPA 12 TC, STC, MAX, XY, FPS includes 2 cable releases for Copal shutter, for right or left side mounting.

Width: 50mm
Length: 80mm
Depth: 50mm
Weight: 160g
ALPA 12 TC - Travel Compact

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Further Information
Measuring 105 x 105 x 20mm and weighing only 220g the TC is the smallest 6x9cm camera with interchangeable lenses available on the market today.
The Alpa TC has no shift facility but can accept the tilt adapter therefore offering swing or tilt facilty on lenses from 32mm.
Fully compatible with the existing Alpa range, the TC offers the unrivalled Alpa precision and is the ideal platform for digital or film to meet the demands of
the photographer today and is a natural addition to the highly acclaimed Alpa range.
ALPA TC (Travel Compact)- body only
Ideal Camera for travelling
Can be used with 6x9 Roll Film and current Digital back with an Alpa adapter
ALPA TC Si- body only
Limited edition silver.

ALPA TC Fingergrip
Black synthetic material- right hand side only.
ALPA TC Handgrip
Integrated lens/ back lock. Right only in rosewood natural or rosewood black, please specify.
ALPA 12 STC - Shift Travel Compact

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Further Information
H 140 x W 145mm. Weight: 590g with a maximum Shift ability of 36mm (18mm each way). Born from the proven design of the Alpa Max system. The design of this modular system offers a shift facility that can be used horizontal or vertically - front or back therefore allowing stitch facility on the rear and rise or cross on the front(or rear). The tilt adapter 17mm and 34mm can be used allowing therefore the full range of movements with lenses from 32mm.
Travel Compact with stitch/ shift facility.
ALPA STC Handgrip
Right or left only, black soft touch or rosewood natural- please specify.
Alpa Stiching Adapter for Alpa 12 STC
ALPA 12 WA & SWA - The Classics

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Further Information
The first models in the ALPA 12 medium format camera series. Released as roll film cameras only it is a testament to Alpa that the Alpa 12 platform was , due to its superior precision and extremely tight tolerances, ready for the digital revolution. The camera has rising front, the most popular movement for Architectural Photography. First only with roll film backs and later, thanks to its superior precision and extremely tight tolerances, also with digital backs.
Dimensions: W:180mm H:115mm D:50mm. Weight body only 600g.
ALPA 12 WA- without shift NOW DISCONTINUED
With rosewood black handles 10010045.
With rosewood natural handles 10010040.
Classic ALPA SWA- with shift
With rosewood natural handles
ALPA WA & SWA Cable Release Shoulder
Right hand side only including cable release.
ALPA 12 MAX - The Integrated

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Further Information
The ALPA 12 MAX is intended predominantly as a tripod camera; however, it is also just small and light enough to be used as a hand-held camera. The ALPA 12 MAX offers extensive shift options (perspective control) in vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, without the lens being moved and without unwanted stereoscopic effects arising. Further photographic options are also available using the different ALPA tilt/swing adapters. Stability, an ideal weight, a convenient size and very high precision combine in the ALPA 12 MAX to produce practical versatility at the highest possible level.
W 180 x H 205 x D 30mm. Weight: 1.20kg.
Stitching Adapter: The stitching adapter allows to lock the position of the lens while the camera/back moves within the image circle. This is needed if you intend to perform a multirow/multiline stitch without changing angles
MOVEMENTS : Upwards 25 mm shift, downwards 18 mm shift, Left 18 mm, right 18 mm shift.
ALPA 12 Max
The ALPA 12 MAX is intended predominantly as a tripod camera; however, it is also just small and light enough also to be used as a hand-held camera
ALPA Max Stitching Adapter Block MKII
with integrated Dove tail
See Alpa Max- further information arrow above.
ALPA Max Handgrips
Pair of handgrips, right only available black soft touch or natural rosewood.
ALPA Max Handgrip
Single handgrip, right or left available black soft touch or natural rosewood, please specify.
ALPA XY - The Incomparable

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Further Information
Specially designed for work on a tripod where it allows for max. 70mm continuously variable vertical shift and- simultaneously- for max. 50mm continuously variable horizontal shift. In addition and with digital backs there is a uniquely precise stitching facility.The two shifting sleds never go beyond the closed camera body frame and are guided on roller bearings throughout. Only very limited use has been made of textile materials for the light sealing to minimize the danger of catching and disseminating dust inside the camera body.
W 220 x L 295 x D25mm. Weight: 2.60kg.
ALPA 12 XY- with vertical and horizontal shift
Includes Tripod Connector & Stitching Column.
ALPA Upgrade for ALPA 12 XY
Set of lockable shift knobs, upgrade kit for ALPA 12 XY Mark I, II, III
Accessories Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Alpa Swiss Tool MK II
ALPA Swiss Tool Mk II, with 8 exchangable tool inserts for all ALPA 12 cameras and accessories
ALPA FPS Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Focal plane shutter camera/ module with electronically controlled focal plane shutter, with 2 batteries, charger, front-/ back protection covers, without hand grip.