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Hensel Generators - Tria Series

Hensel Tria Series

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The Family with Many Faces. Consistent & Professional for demanding everyday use. Beginning with the Tria 24 S, the classic workhorse, on to generators with symmetric power distribution, and ending with top-of-the-range units with freely adjustable asymmetric power distribution, this series has a lot to offer. Add two more specialists: the Tria 6000 with its enormous power and the Tria Speed, which offers extremely short flash duration and recycle times thanks to its technology. Full details please click the above Generator image.

Sturdy metal housing, comfortable handle with integrated spare fuses /Plugmatic  safety switch for changing plugs /Durable foil surface with easy to feel push-buttons /Power output adjustable in 1/10 step increments /Modeling light, on, off, full or proportional /Hensel user logic  most switches and control elements have the same names and positions /Work without changing procedures!/ FC Flash Check, visual flash check /Test button for manual test triggering /Self-luminous control panel in darkness /Sync plug socket for 6.3 mm standard cord /Built-in audio and highly sensitive photo slave, separately switchable /Illuminated power switch /
Digital control dial in click steps, without end stop /APD  Internal power reduction when reducing the power /Active cooling with quiet fan //+Bright control LEDs indicate all settings /Large, easy-to-see 7-segment performance display /Very low sync voltage to protect digital cameras
Hensel Tria 24 SF
Hensel Tria 3000 S
Hensel Tria 3000 AS Bi -Voltage
Hensel Tria 6000 S Bi Voltage