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Rodenstock Lenses & eShutter Control Shutter

eControl System

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The revolutionary electronic shutter solution sets new standards in modern high-end photography.
Integrated microprocessor controls guarantee the highest precision when working with a view camera and they provide fast shutter speeds of up to 1/250 second. A unique feature is the application of 7-blade technology that results in nearly circular aperture openings.
The Rodenstock eShutter can be used with any system. The shutter permits unrestricted conversions of existing lenses size “0” for both Schneider and Rodenstock lenses.
Controlling and operating the Rodenstock eShutter.
This can be achieved Tethered or for Location. In a tethered manner on a Mac or PC via a USB interface. As long as the software is open - control and operation can also be achieved via wifi with widely used communication tools such as the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: Trendy technologies that not only stand for innovation, but also for reliable and efficient working methods.
Now you can control your eShutter autonoously, without the need for a computer.
The eControl MOBILE allows any lens that is equipped with an eShutter or eShutter 250, to be controlled without a computer.
Thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery, the eControl Mobile, together with the eShutter, can now fully replace the mechanical Copal Shutter, which is no longer manufactured.
Electronic accuracy for architecture, landscape, or studio captures can now be taken independently of the availability of mains power or a computer.

When connected, the lens is automatically recognized and indicated on the display. Thanks to the transflective LCD display, all information can easily be read also in bright daylight conditions. The desired aperture and exposure time
are quickly set by means of a control wheel (turn and click). For image control with the live image, the shutter is opened and closed at a push of a dedicated button. Similarly, if necessary, the aperture can be switched from working aperture to full open and vice versa just by pushing a second button.
The respective status of aperture and shutter are shown on the display.
When everything is set, the capture is taken by pushing the release button on the eControl Mobile.
To prevent undesired surprises the battery charge is constantly monitored and displayed.

Rodenstock eControl MOBILE
Rodenstock eShutter Control Tethered
Rodenstock eShutter 250
HR Digaron W in eShutter 250

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The lens series HR Digaron-W with an image circle from 90 mm to 125 mm is the first choice for large sensors from 37x49mm up to 36x56mm or 40x54mm and for technical cameras, if parallel lens shift and lens swing and tilt require large camera movement. For an optimum performance of the highest-resolution sensors with 80 megapixels and more and a pixel pitch down to 6 µm, the optical design of both series HR Digaron-S and HR Digaron-W includes the thickness of the sensor glass plate. The shorter focal length of wide-angle lenses causes larger light incident angles at the margin of the image. This results in some blur because of astigmatism, spherical aberration and color fringes produced by the protection glass of a thickness of approx. 2 mm in front of the light-sensitive sensor plane. This can be visible with high resolution sensors. Therefore, the optical effects of this glass plate have been taken into consideration for the calculation of the lenses HR Digaron-W 40mm f/4, 50mm f/4 and 70mm f/5.6. A remarkable feature of the HR Digaron-W 40mm f/4 is the long back focal length of approx. 25mm.
The Rodenstock lens 90mm HR Digaron-SW with a 120 mm image circle is the first choice for shots with digital backs with sensor sizes up to 40 x 54 mm that require extreme camera movements or for stitching multiple shots. Best sharpness and high contrast is provided even for large scales.

The HR Digaron-SW 90 mm is an extraordinary standard lens for outdoor and studio shots in industrial photography and product photography.
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 32mm eShutter 250
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 40mm eShutter 250
HR Digaron W 4.0 / 50mm eShutter 250
HR Digaron W 5.6 / 70mm eShutter 250
HR Digaron- S Lenses in eShutter 250

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The new Rodenstock HR Digaron-S lenses with a 70mm image circle (80mm for a focal lengths of 180mm) for sensor sizes from 24x36mm up to 33x44mm provide excellent sharpness and brilliance already from open aperture (f/4 to f/5.6).For reduced camera movement they are also recommended for sensor sizes up to 37x49mm and without any camera movement even for sensor sizes up to 36x56mm or 40x54mm. Even at the image corners sharpness is high enough to utilize the resolution power of the highest-performance sensors with up to 60 megapixels and a pixel pitch of only 6 µm (therefore we indicate the MTF for max. 80 line pairs per millimeter).
An image quality almost impossible up to now is realized due to perfect correction of curvature of field, integration of the 2mm thick sensor cover glass into the optical calculation and excellent correction of chromatic aberration in order to avoid color fringes.
HR Digaron S 5.6 / 23mm Rodenstock e shutter 250
HR Digaron S 4.0 / 35mm Rodenstock e shutter 250
HR Digaron S 4.0 / 100mm Rodenstock e shutter 250
HR Digaron S 5.6 / 180mm Rodenstock e shutter 250
120 Apo Macro Sironar eShutter 250

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The Apo-Macro-Sironar digital provides a special macro lens at the same performance level of the Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital series for high-resolution digital photos at reproduction scales from 1:5 to 2:1.

For the NEW Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105mm f5.6 - please see Aperture Stop Lens options
Apo Macro Sironar Digital 5.6/120mm Rodenstock eShutter 250