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Hensel Flash Heads - Special Flash Heads


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THE TINY ONE WITH REAL PERFORMANCE & COMPACT DESIGN. The LightStick makes it ideal for "hiding" in small spaces. A handy helper in spaces where normal flashes can not be used. ThereĀ“s always somewhere you can put a LightStick - whether in cars or in furniture.

- U flashes with up to 3000 J
- Glass protective dome
- 3/8" tripod fitting
- Connecting cable for either round or or twenty way plug (long) sockets
Lightstick for Hensel 20 pin generator sockets
Lightstick for Hensel Pro Mini and Porty Series - Round Plug
Hensel Reflector for Light Stick
Lightbar 130

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A slimline, clear light for even lighting and gradients using a a tunnel duffusor. Clean shadows can be achieved using the precise adjustment of the flaps/ wings. The outstanding pluses include mirroring of lines, emphasis of edges an contours. You can use several light bars side by side with no light interruption.
Hensel Lightbar 130 (Multivoltage)
Set of 2 Hensel Barndoors for above Lightbar

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Because of very even distribution light on the whole surface of these boxes they are perfect for the illumination of glossy surfaces. The compact dimensions and the evenly distributed light make them also ideal for table top and object shots. The large Flash Boxe is perfect as a light sources for reproduction use. Both Flash Boxes have a solid metal housing with perspex panel and modeling light.
Hensel Flashbox 30 x 50cm