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Hensel EH Mini Flash Heads

For Hensel Porty Heads see Porty Section
Hensel EH Pro Mini & Mini i Heads

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Small and extremely durable, these heads are cutting-edge technology. The flash heads cord can be removed which ensures the absolutely smallest packing dimensions of this class. There are four different flash heads. Two for Porty (12 V / 60 W modeling light)and two heads (multivoltage, up to 650 W modeling light and fan) for Pro Mini, Porty with AC power supply drawer and Nova D generators. The NEW Mini I Versions offer Digital communication with Nova D and Nova DL packs. They are equipped with a micro controller which digitally communicates with the Nova D and Nova DL generators via the lamp cable and monitors the operating
status. This guarantees optimum performance, prevents overheating and further increases the life span of all components even at maximum performance.
Hensel EH Pro Mini Multivoltage - max. power 3000 Ws
Hensel EH Pro Mini Speed Multivoltage - max. power 3000 Ws
-NEW- Hensel EH Mini I Multivoltage,
-NEW- Hensel EH Mini i SPEED Multivoltage,
Hensel EH Pro Heads

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Consistently professional, consistently stable in every respect and consistently compatible! In short, the EH Pro range from Hensel is the sum total of 45 years of experience!

Housed in a 2.5 mm thick solid aluminium drawn profile with a metal reflector quick-change system and a cast pan-tilt plate made of aluminium, these heads are perfect for any professional because of their mechanical construction alone. The heads can be used with all EH accessories. Typically for Hensel, the reflector can be put on or taken off in any position and / or rotated 360°. Plug-in flash tubes, the bright 650 W modeling light, the high-performance yet quiet fan and a clear safety dome are also part of the basic equipment, as is the integrated umbrella holder with fast-clip fitting. There is an on/off switch for modeling lamp on the head. The flash tube / modeling light position has been optimized under measurement room conditions using specialist analysis software and stroboscope camera technology, so it offers the best possible combination of flash and modeling light, optimum light yield and short burn-down times. All this combined with the almost legendary durability of the flash tubes gives a stable color temperature and low maintenance costs. In simple terms: Consistently good!

Equipped with long plugs for Nova DL & Tria packs.

Hensel EH Pro 3000 Multivoltage
Hensel EH Pro 6000 Multivoltage
Hensel MH Pro Heads

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MH Pro Heads have the same specification as EH Pro heads but accept the larger MH fitting. These are to special order only.