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X1D II 50C
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The Hasselbad X1D II 50C’s live view features a faster refresh rate, reduced shutter lag and black out time between frames, an improved continuous capture rate, and a startup time cut almost in half from the first generation. Building upon the highly-intuitive Hasselblad User Interface (HUI) of the previous model, further refinements have been made to the X1D II 50C to improve the camera’s handling experience, including the ability to access the menu system when looking in the EVF, giving greater usability in the sunniest conditions.
Product Code:
X1D II 50C


X1D II 50C IMPROVEMENTS Compared to the first generation X1D

New Rear Display
• 43% larger display area (3.6” vs 3.0”)
• Higher resolution: 156% more pixels (2.36 million dots vs 920,000 dots)
• Brighter, more vivid colour reproduction
New Electronic Viewfinder
• Higher resolution: 55% more pixels (3.69 million dots vs 2.36 million dots)
• Higher magnification (0.87x) delivering a larger image
• Start-up time reduced by 46%
• Reduced shutter lag and blackout time
• Higher frame rate Live View with a 62% faster refresh (60 fps vs 37 fps)
• Continuous shooting rate has been increased by 35% (2.7 fps vs 2.0 fps)
• Overall system response speed when browsing images and menus has been improved
• Autofocus accuracy improved
User Interface
• Self-Timer/ Interval / Bracketing options are now available in the Drive Modes on Control Screen for quick access
• Menu system can be accessed when using the EVF
• Balance Scale indicates exposure adjustment on the Control Screen
• The menu structure has been reorganized for more logical control and easier access
• Improved visual language of icons and text
• New touch-to-select focus point selection on the rear screen
• Minor improvements throughout for a better user experience
Battery & Charging 
• The battery can be charged in the camera via USB from a computer, charger or power bank
 • The GPS module is now located internally (the first generation X1D had an external GPS unit that occupied the flash hot-shoe)
JPEG Output
• Full resolution JPEGs (50MP) available
• JPEG-only capture option available
• Improved image quality for JPEG


Camera body, Battery, USB Power Adapter*, USB 3 cable, Camera front protective cover, Shoulder strap, Quick Start Guide

*For in-camera-body battery charging. Note that the X1D II 50C no Wi-Fi version does not include a USB Power Adapter.