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The Backpack 2.0 Compagnon Hybrid Canvas Sand - Dark Brown
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"The Backpack" 2.0 from Compagnon
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The Backpack 2.0 Compagnon Hybrid Canvas Sand - Dark Brown

What is new:
The all new Hybrid Canvas feels dry and clean to the touch. The wax, which provides the enormous water resistance, is now embedded inside the fibre and will not penetrate outwards. This makes our revolutionary canvas less susceptible to stains and dirt while still remaining sturdy and durable. Hybrid Canvas will show less patina than its predecessor, if you prefer a characteristic patina look, you can apply our 'Canvas wax' to the outside and thus recreate the classic canvas look.
Despite all the new features and improvements to the backpack 2.0, thanks to Hybrid Canvas, is even 10% lighter than the previous version!

Good was no longer good enough for us. That's why we made the already comfortable backpack even better to carry. The backpack 2.0 features new shoulder straps with a wider surface, more cushioning and improved shape. Additionally, the chest strap is now attached to the shoulder strap and is always at hand when you need it. We also had a rethink about the detachable 'the waistbelt 2.0' (sold separately). It is now not only easier to attach and remove, but also offers improved support, more effective weight relief, stability and comfort.

The rolltop, the expandable & versatile daypack section, is a key feature on your backpack. In the new version 2.0 we have redesigned the removable bottom part of the rolltop section. It now offers an extended velcro construction so even larger amounts of gear from your camera kit in the main section.
Also you will now find handy zipper pockets on both sides of the backpack, as well as fastening straps tripods or other bulky luggage. In addition we've reinforced the leather in the front of the backpack to prevent it from folding in even with unevenly distributed interior load.