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Lee Sev5n - Sev5n Black and White

  Lee Filters Sev5n Black & White Filters. Black & White filters are mainly used to increase contrast between sky  and cloud. They will also lighten a colour and darken another and therefore need to be used with care. Black &    White filters can be used in conjunction with a polariser and graduated filters

Lee Filters Sev5n Black and White Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 3 Light Yellow 75x90mm
Partially corrects for excess blue in aerial photography.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 8 Yellow 75x90mm
Darkens sky, cloud and foliage to reproduce correct tones.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 11 Yellowish Green 75x90mm
Alters the response of panchromatic emulsions to be equivalent to the eye responding to objects under tungsten illumination.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 12 Deep Yellow 75x90mm
Minus blue filter. Can be used to cancel blue light when infrared-sensitive films are exposed. Also penetration of haze during aerial photography.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 15 Deep Yellow 75x90mm
Increases contrast between cloud and sky greater than No. 8, for over-correction effect. Also used for copying documents on yellowed paper.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 16 Yellow Orange 75x90mm
Gives even greater over-correction than No. 15. Absorbs a small amount of green.
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 21 Orange 75x90mm
Contrast filter. Absorbs blue and blue/green
Lee Sev5n Black & White
No 23A Light Red 75x90mm
Greater contrast effect than No. 21 Orange.
Lee Sev5n Black & White Set
No 8 Yellow
No 11 Yellowish Green
No 23A Red Light
Triple Filter Wrap