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Linhof Camera Story Hardback Book
This is a Linhof book in both English and German with the Linhof camera history from 1934 to 2000. The Linhof history dates back more than 110 years. Thousands of photographers worldwide are presently using new or previously owned Linhof cameras. Thousands of collectors are still storing their "old" cameras in show cases. This second edition of the Linhof Camera Book is complimented by new developments and tailor-made products of the last decade thus combining a long history with the technique of the new millenium.

This publication will show in many pictures and comments the development of Linhof cameras and is a MUST for all Linhof-photographers, collectors or people generally interested in photography.
Lens Panels Technika 23

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Further Information
The Linhof Studio Service, stock and couple most items for the Super Technika Series.
Linhof Technika 23 Flat Lens Panel
74x81mm cut copal 0. For Linhof Technika 6x9 Cameras from 1962.
Linhof Technika 23 Flat Lens Panel
74x81mm cut copal 1. For Linhof Technika 6x9 cameras from 1962. The Copal/ Compur 1 panels have a forward spacer to allow clearance of the shutter within the front standard.
Lens Coupling Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Coupling Charge
Labour charge per lens.
Triple Cam
For Linhof Super Technika 6x9 or Technika 70.
Infinity Stops
Set of two for Linhof Technika Series.
Distance Scales
Single on scale base for Linhof STV 69 and Technika 70.
Focus Screens Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Groundglass Screens & Fresnels
For Linhof Technika V and Technika 70 and Super Technika IV cameras , Groundglass Screens for the Technikardan 23 are usable. Therefore also most viewing accessories as long as the Folding Focus Hood is removable.
Roll Film Backs Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Super Rollex Rollflim Back- TK 23 or Technika 69
Super Rollex 23/ 6x7cm.
Super Rollex Rollfilm Back- TK 23 or Technika 69
Super Rollex 23/ 6x9cm.
Rapid-Rollex Slide-in Rollfilm Magazine DISCONTINUED
Rapid Rolex 23/ 6x7cm, 10 exposures.