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Lee Filters Sev5n Series



LEE Filters have used their creative power to bring their famous filters to compact system cameras owners. If you have a small camera system such the Panasonic G, Sony NEX, Fuji X etc there is now a filter system to suit your general on-the-go picture taking. The holder is lightweight and precision engineered. The range of Lee filters for the Sev5n LEE Filters includes, Neutral Density Filters whether they solid ND’s or with a soft, hard or medium graduation, the Big Stopper, the Little Stopper and now the Super Stopper. The system also includes a clip on polariser and a clip on hood.

Linhofstudio is the UK's Lee Filters specialist and works very hard to ensure the full range of Lee products is always available. Visit our knowledgebank to read more about Lee Filters news.

LEE Sev5n Series Holder and Accessories

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Light, portable and perfect for street photography and general picture-taking on-the-go, compact system cameras feature the flexibility of manual controls and interchangeable lenses and this system lets you make the most of filters with them as well. Comprising a lightweight, precision engineered filter holder, the LEE Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System is compatible with LEE's 75x90mm filter range - which includes a Polariser, Neutral Density Filters and now the Big Stopper. Simply select the correct adapter ring for your lens thread, screw it onto the lens, snap on the filter holder and drop in the appropriate filter.
Lee Sev5n Deluxe Kit
The new kit from Lee Filters contains everything you need to enhance your images.
From balancing to exposure to remove reflections or to bring calm and peace to an image.
Not forgetting that it is the equivalent of a 10% saving on buying these items separately!


Sev5n Filter Holder
Sev5n Circular polariser
Sev5n 0.6 Neutral Density Soft 75x90mm
Sev5n 0.6 Neutral Density Hard 75x90mm
Sev5n 0.9 neutral Density Hard 75x90mm
Sev5n Big Stopper 75x90mm
Lee Sev5n Filter Holder
This Lee filters holder will attach on your lens via an adapter ring (see below). Enables you to add filters, polariser or Big Stopper. This holder will fit on compact cameras which have a filter thread or take an accessory ring.
Lee Sev5n Adapter Rings
Screws on the lens in order to take a Lee filter holder. Available in sizes (please specify when purchasing): 37, 37.5, 39, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 60, 62, 67, 72mm and Fuji X100
Lee Sev5n Clip on Polariser
Snaps onto the front of the Lee filters holder quickly and easily and rotates independently of any graduated filters being used in the holder.
Lee Sev5n Starter Kit
Consists of:
1x Lee Sev5n Filter Holder
1x 0.6 (2 stop) ND Grad with HARD graduation 75x90mm
Requires an adapter ring to be purchased separately.
Lee Sev5n Hood
Snaps easily snaps in front of the Lee filter holder and will help reduce glare,(the polariser can be used in conjunction with the hood).