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Hensel Compact Flash - Continuous Lights


Hensel Continuous lights are ideal light sources for photographers shooting videos or for special photographic effects. C-Light 1000 and C-Light D accept many light shaping tools of our flash system and provide many more creative possibilities. The system is completed with the advanced Lightbar 130 LED, a powerful LED striplight for demanding jobs.

Hensel Lightbar 130 LED Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Hensel Lightbar 130 LED
Multivoltage - Supplied with tilt bracket and Power Cable 130cm long.
Please click image right for full LED 130 Specification
Hensel Barndoors ( 2 Piece for Lightbar above)
Click Right image for LED 130 information
Hensel C- Light

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Further Information
Use motion blur effectively and mixed lighting in creative ways. The C Light 1000 helps you see past the usual possibilities and opens up new options, also inthe area of video! Photo, 3D, or video, the C Light has up to 1000W and offers enough output at short distances. The on/ off switch for the cooling fan ensures silence during sound recording and the thermal safety switch guarantees safety during operation.Classical hot light and an abundance of light formers: With the Hensel
C Light 1000 this is no longer a contradiction of terms! The tried and true EH connector is the interface for a multitude of light formers of the Hensel flash units. Reflectors from 7 to 22, barn doors, umbrellas and softboxes, often already available at the studio, can be attached with it.
The C- Light 1000
The C-Light 1000 is a very small continuous light head in the housing of the EH Pro Mini heads. All EH light formers are compatible. Accepts 1x 1000W/ 230V/ G6.35 Halogen or 850W/ 115V/ G6.35 Halogen.
The C- Light 2000 KIT
2x C-Light 1000 (3608)
1x Economy Umbrella (3180)
1x 7" Reflector (504)
1x 4-Winged Barn Door (5044)
2x Al Stand III (200)
1x Bag for umbrella & stands
1x eBag (4205)
Hensel C- Light D

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Further Information
Compact daylight lamp head. Efficient 150W metal-vapor lamp with light output similar to a 650W halogen lamp. Silent cooling makes live-sound recordings easier. For all Hensel EH light shaping tools.
The C- Light D
C-Light D with 150W metal vapor lamp-(at present only in 230 Volt). The C-Light D is a daylight lamp, which means that nearly all of the Hensel reflectors and softboxes can be used. In conjunction with the new Power Max L this is a perfect combination to make outdoor videos.
Replacement Lamp for D Light
Lifetime is approximately 6000 hours.