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Front Lens Adapters Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Alpa NFLX Front Lens Plate Copal 0
NFLX Front Adapter for Hasselblad V lens
Allows Hasselblad 2000/205 series lenses to be mounted on the Novoflex BALPRO and BALPRO T/S bellows.
NFLX Front Adapter for M645 lens
Adapter to allow Mamiya 645 lenses to be mounted on the Novoflex BALPRO and BALPRO T/S bellows.
The ProLei Ring is required in addition to the following lens adapters. It isa Leica 39mm Screw and most DSLR lens adapters fit into the PROLEI.
MF lenses do not require the PROLEI
NFLX Front Adapter for Leica R
Adapts Leica R lenses to a the Prolei Panel
NFLX Front Adapter for Canon EOS - Manual
Allows a Canon EOS lens to be mounted conventionally or reversed (in conjunction with the Novoflex EOS-RETRO adaptor) on the BALPRO or BALPRO T/S bellows units.
NFLX Front Adapter for Canon RETRO
The EOS-RETRO is a unique adapter for macro photography which allows a Canon EOS mount lens to be reversed on a Canon EOS body, and still retain full lens functions including AF and TTL metering. Reversing a lens on a camera body creates a high quality and high magnification macro lens. For example, a 28-105mm lens reversed will give a range of magnifications from 1:7 at the 105mm end to 2.8:1 at the 28mm end, which is much more flexible than a typical macro lens. And, because a lens is computed to work best at infinity, reversing it means that it gives superb quality at high magnifications.