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Flextight Scanners - Hasselblad Flextight X5

Flextight X5


The new generation of Hasselblad scanners, the Flextight X1 and X5, are both built around the same foundation. A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face downwards, creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens. The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the entire original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting and safe and secure handling of your originals.

Flextight X5

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The Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds. Ease of use, incomparable quality, unique, batch scanning facilities all packed in a classical and characteristic design.
Flextight X5 incl. Accessory Kit
Optical sensor-CCD (3 x 8000px)
Original type-Neg / Pos / Prints
Colour depth-16 bit
Auto frame detection-Yes
Batch scanning-Yes
Batch slide feeder compatibility-Yes
Platform-Mac / PC
Film format-100 x 280 mm
Reflective scanning-A4
Active cooling-Yes
3F scan initiated directly on scanner-Yes
Light condensator-Yes
Dimensions-230 x 390 x 650mm
Max optical resolution-35mm: 8000dpi
60mm: 3200dpi
4 x 5": 2040dpi
Max scan speed-35mm: 1.55 minutes
60mm: 1.10 minutes
4 x 5": 1.23 minutes
Batch feeder for FT848/FT949/X5

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The Hasselblad Batch Feeder enables you to load up to 10 original holders (up to 60 originals, depending on format) for batch scanning with your Flextight 848, 949 or X5 Scanner. The Batch Feeder is intended as a tool for scanning large numbers of originals in a production environment, and it is strongly recommend the 3f workflow be utilized for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
Batch feeder for FT848/FT949/X5
Slide Feeder for FT949/X5

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The Hasselblad 35mm Mounted Slide Holder holds up to 50 mounted 35mm slides for batch scanning applications. This attachment is very useful to companies, libraries or any organization with many thousands of 35mm slides in their catalogs.
Slide Feeder for FT949/X5