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Essentials - Dark Cloths

Dark cloths are perfect for large format photographers. Helping them shield the light, therefore aiding with focusing and composition of the final image. We sell 3 dark cloths by Linhof, Parmo and Harrison, all which we believe to be of the greatest quality and best of the selection out there.

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Linhof Focusing / Dark Cloth
Black and red, Approx 120cm square.Linhof embroidered. Weighted on all 4 corners, Weight 800g. Made of cotton.
Paramo Dark Cloth
Can be used as a traditional open cloth or as a large or small tunnel cloth. Weatherproof, breathable and rapid drying, it provides lightproofing and colour neutrality without weight. Nikwax Analogy fabric removes moisture very effectively, reducing condensation and misting.Drawstring for simple fix onto camera. To create a tunnel, the circumference at the camera end is 87cm. Using both zips this can be reduced to a minimum circumference of 68cm. Weight 395g. Measures approximately 90x90cms

Harrison Dark Cloth
Waterproof silver fabric and black material. The velcro on one side helps to wrap the cloth around your camera. Supplied in its own pouch. 54x56" 150x130cm.
The Harrison Classic Dark Cloth is a large focusing cloth that can be used for 4x5 up to 11x14 (and panoramic) view cameras. The hook-and-loop along one side insures a snug fit around any size of bellows. The silver fabric outside will keep you cool while focusing and is waterproof. The black fabric inside is a soft Taslon a synthetic fabric that has no lint. The large size of the classic dark cloth provides enough room around you and the camera back to keep things dark while focusing.