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Studio Accessories - Ceiling Tracking

Lighting with Style - The Hensel Economy & Double -E systems. Ceiling Systems allow you to work easily and comfortably without tripods or cords that can be a safety hazard in a busy studio. Ultra strong and highly flexible, these systems can be tailored to fit your needs and each detail impresses with its quality. To see the full system, please click the brochure on the left. For a tailored system or more information - please click the adivce list below and send us an email.

Ceiling Tracking System Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Economy Kit Small
Economy System Kit, small consisting of:
2x Fixed Rails 3m, 2x Gliding Rails 3m, 2x Pantographs 2.2m,
4x Double Sliding Carriages, 2x Sliding Carriages, 6x Ceiling Brackets,
8x Endstops, 6x Cable Carriages & 2x Power Cables 10m.
Economy Kit Standard
Economy System Kit, standard consisting of:
2x Fixed Rails 4.5m, 2x Gliding Rails 3m, 3x Pantographs 2.2m,
4x Double Sliding Carriages, 3x Sliding Carriages, 8x Ceiling Brackets,
8x Endstops, 9x Cable Carriages, 3x Power Cables 10m
Economy Kit Large
Economy System Kit, large consisting of:
2x Fixed Rails 6m, 3x Gliding Rails 3m, 4x Pantographs 2.2m,
6x Double Sliding Carriages, 4x Sliding Carriages, 10x Ceiling Brackets,
10x Endstops, 12x Cable Carriages, 4x Power Cable 10m