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B&W Outdoor Cases - B&W Outdoor Wheeled Cases


B&W outdoor cases are waterproof, dustproof, airtight, shock resistant, virtually indestructible, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. They are equipped with sturdy eyes  for padlocks and automatic air pressure compensation valve. They are designed for  temperatures ranging from - 30° C to +80° C. They are made from polypropylene.  Outdoor cases come in a vary of different sizes, making them perfect case for most  camera equipment. They are available in Yellow or black with foam or dividers and come  with a 30 Year Warantee. Keep up to date on BW cases on our knowledgebank.


BW Type 6700 Case

Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Further Information
Dimensions of this case:
Exterior: L60.9x W42.8x H26.3cm
Interior: L53.4x W35.7x H22.5cm
With trolley integrated.
-NEW- BW Type 6700 Black Foam
-NEW- BW Type 6700 Black Dividers
BW Type 6700 Spare Foam Insert
BW Type 70 Case

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Further Information
Dimensions of this case:
Exterior: L75.5x W50x H25cm
Interior: L67.5x W42.5x H21cm
Volume:60litres, weight:9.0kg.
With trolley integrated.
BW Type 70 Black with foam
BW Type 70 Black with dividers
BW Type 72 Case Code excl. VAT Advice List  
BW Type 72 Black foam only
Exterior: L121x W43x H17.5cm
Interior: L115x W35.1x H15.5cm
Volume:63litres, weight:8.5kg.
BW 72