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Alpa - Image Composition






ALPA Ground Glass
ALPA Viewfinder
ALPA Frame Finder
ALPA iPhone® Holder
Viewfinder Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
ALPA Viewfinder 120 Degree Angle of View
ALPA Viewfinder Mask- centre cross
State focal length and film format.
ALPA Viewfinder Mask- with rise
With markings for hand-held shift. State focal length and film format.
ALPA Viewfinder Mask- custom made
Smart Device Holder for iPhone® Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
-NEW- Smart Device Holder and Wide Angle Converter for iPhone®
This ALPA Smart Device Holder allows photographers using their iPhone® 4/4S/5/5S/6 a secure and firm mounting of their iPhone on top of an ALPA. With ALPA quick release shoe, for use of an iPhone® as the viewfinder on top of any ALPA 12 models.
This includes the ACAM Super wide converter for iPhone®4/4S/5/5S/6 and the Smart Device Holder.
-NEW- ACAM Super Wide Converter for iPhone®
This ALPA ACAM Super Wide Converter for iPhone® 4, 4S, 5 and 5S extends the focal length of the internal lens from the iPhone.
This allows the ALPA eFinder app to display a correct framing when using ALPA wide angle lenses with 40mm and wider.
-NEW- ALPA SDH Smart Device Holder Mk III
The new ALPA Smart Device Holder Mk III,for a wide range of WiFi live view devices (IQ250) or if you need to receive a call without with no hands free!
The SDH Mk III can hold devices iPhone 4 to the 6 plus and comparable products.
ALPA Universal Adapter Shoe with ALPA interface
Use ALPA viewfinders, levels and iphone bracket etc on cameras with a universal adapter shoe.
ALPA Replacement Adapters
For ALPA iPhone holder for iPhone 5.
Groundglass Composition & Focus Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
ALPA Groundglass Back PGS (Pro Grid Screen) Discontinued
Groundglass 4mm grid, interchangeable format mask and Reflexite Fresnel lens.
ALPA Groundglass Replacement Pro Grid Screen,
Screen only.
ALPA Format Masks
ALPA Leather Focusing Bellows- with integrated loupe Discontinued
(overview plus 3x magnification), fits the ALPA Groundglass.
ALPA Leather Focusing Bellows only
For use with loupes and ALPA groundglass, fits the ALPA screenholder, does not include the loupe.