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Tripods - Alpa Tripods

        ALPA Triopod Pro and Trio Ball are completely modular.

Alpa Triobal Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
ALPA Triobal Mini with Q-mount
With 15° half sphere, Q-mount (UniQ/C compatible) and a set of table tripod legs. Completely modular, can be enhanced with a set of carbon fiber legs.
LENGTH 90 + 190 mm
WEIGHT total 740 g
ALPA carbon fiber legs C2840
Enhancement to Triobal Mini.
ALPA Carbon fiber legs (4 segments) for Triobal head, set of 3, C2840, made for ALPA by Novoflex
Length: 49.5cm-158cm
WEIGHT 3 x 375 g
ALPA carbon fiber legs C2844
ALPA Carbon fiber legs compact (4 segments) for Triobal head, set of 3, C2844, made for ALPA by Novoflex
Length: 42.5cm-129cm
WEIGHT 3 x 345 g
ALPA QuadroLeg Carbon extensions
Extensions for compact carbon fiber legs with Triobal head, extension 50 cm, set of 3, QLEG CE50 SET3 with exclusive ALPA „leg warmers“.

Mount them between the Triobal head and the existing telescopic legs for enhancing the complete extension of the tripod by 50 cm.
LENGTH 500 mm
WEIGHT 250 g
ALPA GON Tripod Kit
ALPA GON Tripod Kit, including GON HEAD, Triobal Mini, Carbon legs and focusing rail
Alpa / Novoflex Triopod-pro 75 Set Code £ excl. VAT Advice List  
-NEW- ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3930
The leg angles can be set at angles of 23°, 45°, 65° and 87°. A further raster at 155° enables the tripod to be supported on the walls in confined spaces indoors. A particularly innovative feature is the new special 43° locking mechanism, which enables the tripod to be turned around at lightning speed for working close to the ground, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming changing of the central column and/or tripod head. The legs can be tilted 180°, which guarantees a compact package on the move
ALPA / Novoflex TrioPod-Pro 75 Set C3930, set with C3930 carbon legs (length 161 cm, 3 sections, closed 60.5 cm) and drum stick legs; bag