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Alpa Silex

Alpa Silex Linhof Studio

For operating all electronic lens mounts on conventional ALPA 12 bodies together with the ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter 17 mm; comes with separate, variable swivel plate; with 2 batteries and charger; ALPA eShutter Control can be added for ALPA lenses equipped with Rodenstock/Sinar eShutter.

Alpa Silex Control Unit

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This compact control module ALPA SILEX offers all the functionality you have seen with the ALPA 12 FPS without the built in focal plane shutter.
-NEW- Alpa Silex Control Unit
SILEX enables every existing conventional ALPA 12 camera ( TC, WA, SWA, STC, Max and XY) with new functionality and operates all lenses equipped with eShutter 250 or 125 in combination with the Alpa eShutter Control. ( The New Alpa eShutter Grip Required)

WIDTH 99 mm
HEIGHT 109 mm
LENGTH 26 mm
WEIGHT 366 g

Please visit our blog for more information and images.
-NEW- Alpa Electronic Lens Adapter
ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA), for use of any electronically controlled ALPA FPS lens mount and ALPA SILEX control unit on any standard ALPA 12 camera body. Equals a 17 mm intermediate adapter.

WIDTH 89 mm
HEIGHT 94 mm
LENGTH 17 mm
WEIGHT 153 g

Please see our blog for further information.