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5x4 Solutions

5x4 Solutions

Linhof Solutions Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Linhof Stitching Slide Graflock Fit
Linhof introduce the Graflock Fit stitching slide for digital backs with live view .
In connection with suitable lenses large format cameras can also now be used with digital technology. Integrated stops permit stitching: 2 shots enlarge the image size of digital chip backs. The stitching slide accepts the adapter plate (001700, 001701, 001702) with attached digital back.
Ground Glass Adapter
This ground glass adapter sits within the same aperture of the Stitching Slide as the Digital Back adapters.
It will accept all groundglass back and viewing accessories from M679 and Techno Series, which can be found in the Focusing Accessories section below.
Universal RSC Adapter Plate V Fit
Adapter Plate for Hasselblad H
Universal RSC Adapter Plate H fit
Adapter Plate for Hasselblad H
Universal RSC Adapter Plate AFD Fit
Adapter Plate for Phase One XF AFD & Leaf
Hasselblad V Digi Adapter for Internat. Universal Back
Allows V fit digital backs to fit directly to the 5x4 international fitting. Focusing by the 54 Groundglass, format overlay available.
Kardan to Sliding Back Adapter
A Sliding Back when used with the Kardan Series limits the tilt ability of the rear standard.
If rear tilt is not used- then the sliding adapter can be used from the Techno/ M679 Series together with this adapter.
Silvestri Solutions Code excl. VAT Advice List  
Sinar 5x4 Adapter
This adapter allows the fitting of the Silvestri Sliding back to attach.
Toyo 5x4 Adapter
Cambo 5x4 Adapter
Arca Swiss 5x4 Adapter
Silvestri Sliding Back with Stitching Ability with Silvestri Mount
Adapter boards for Sinar 4x5, Cambo 4x5, Arca Swiss 4x5, Toyo 4x5, Linhof 4x5 available as well as sliding backs with Rollei XAct and Arca Swiss and P3 fitting.
Drop in Plate V fit for above
Drop in Plate H fit for above
Drop in Plate AFD fit for above
Drop in Plate AFi fit for above
Bellows Focusing Hood for D7023
Rotating Reflex Viewer for D7023